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Who Are Betina & Bailey?

Q: Who Are Betina & Bailey?

A: Anyone YOU CREATE them to BE!

That's the Point! We are Magnificently Different and no book captures the wonderful blend of heritages in today's world.

  • Why force your mind to mold to the image presented?
  • Why NOT wrap the story around what YOU think and feel that day?


  • Choose the character: Betina or Bailey
  • Decide what the character looks like
  • Create the images—or not
  • Engage in the adventure & experience the magic

Let the open structure free your mind to the possibilities.

  • Have fun with it.
  • "Try on" different personalities.
  • Engage and have fun with your audience.
  • Change the character's look for each page, each day, each time you use it or print it.

You may be surprised by the fun, conversation and images that occur.

Yes! Let's Begin the Adventure Now!


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Educational & Fun

Betina's & Bailey's Adventures:

  • Meet Grade 2-3 Language Arts Requirements in all 50 States!
  • Are perfect for homeschooling, tutoring, baby sitting, and traveling
  • Bring art back to the classroom.

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